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Ferrari Girl Accident Photos

Ferrari Girl Accident Photos

V. Stiviano crashes the Ferrari LA Clippers vendor Donald Sterling gave herDriving behind Range Rover when she abortive to prevent rear-ending vehicleReports suggest she screamed all obscenity in the bookLuxury Ferrari said to have been particular to her by the 81-year-old

ByJulian Robinson

Published: 12:13 GMT, 13 Could 2014 Updated: 14:00 GMT, 13 Could 2014

V. Stivianos part in the firestorm terminated Donald Sterling has taken a new convert similar to she supposedly crashed the Ferrari he gave her.

Miss Stiviano sparked controversy similar to an audio cassette was leaked of the 81-year-old LA Clippers vendor launching a racist rant in which he berated his girlfriend for being seen in public with black friends, together with Touching Johnson.

Now it has emerged that the 31-year-old has been involved in a side road crack, having rolled the Ferrari Mr Sterling is said to have particular her as a gift keen on the back of another car.

V. Stiviano, pictured actual at the wheel of her Ferrari and wearing her customary visor

Pictured on a separate occasion with her visor down, V. Stiviano steps shown of the red Ferrari particular to her by LA Clippers vendor Donald Stirling. Reports suggest she crashed the vehicle keen on the back of a Range Rover

TMZ reports that she was driving the luxury red car behind a Range Rover when she is believed to have abortive to prevent and rear defunct the vehicle in Beverley Hills.

The Range Rover driver has told the website that she was wearing her distinctive visor at the schedule of the crack.

The report says Miss Stiviano then jumped shown of her Ferrari facing screaming all obscenity in the hardback telling the driver: You be knowledgeable about who youre messing with, mother f?

When it came to exchanging insurance details by the part of the side road, she supposedly refused and asked an assistant to do it instead.

When it came to exchanging insurance details by the part of the side road, V. Stiviano, pictured climbing shown of her Ferrari on a separate occasion, supposedly refused and asked an assistant to do it instead

V. Stiviano drives her Ferrari without her face visor. The driver of the black Range Rover she crashed keen on has reported how she screamed all obscenity in the hardback similar to the incident

Miss Stiviano is then said to have claimed she had to return the vehicle, all the same she did not expand on the observation.

The incident came just days similar to the former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda said of V Stiviano: I dont wish that girl in the least bad luck, nevertheless I hope she gets hit with a car.

He made the remark similar to being asked just about the race row concerning Mr Sterling, his friend of 30 years.

A claim filed by Mr Sterlings at odds wife of 50 years, Rochelle, claimed to show how the Clippers vendor treated his girlfriend by lavishing her with a series of gifts together with the Ferrari, two Bentleys, a Range Rover and a $1.4 million public housing.

Mr Sterling was banned from the NBA similar to tapes surfaced of him telling Miss Stiviano not to bring black people to his games or pose with them in photos on Instagram.

She had posed in the depict with basketball great Touching Johnson several weeks ago.

Apologising: Mr Sterling, pictured at a Clippers game last October, has exposed he is sorry for the racist comments he made in recorded conversations with girlfriend V. Stiviano

At the center of the controversy: V. Stiviano (actual posted a depict of her and Touching Johnson on her Instagram, causing Sterling to induce mad at her and telling her not to pose for films with black people

Miss Stiviano, who has described herself as being his confidante and friend, has denied releasing the tapes.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has ever since banned Mr Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million.

During a television interview with CNNs Anderson Cooper, Mr Sterling ongoing by apologising for his racist comments.

Nevertheless as the interview progressed he blamed the media for blowing his lexis shown of proportion facing going on an angry pile into against Touching Johnson, one of the targets of his racist explanation.

Barbara Walters interviewed V. Stiviano, pictured, just about Donald Sterlings alleged racist comments

Sterling first said the former basketball star was a beneficial human being nevertheless his tone quickly distorted and he made a series of disparaging explanation just about Johnsons HIV-positive status, dismissing his job in charity and partnership and saying hes not a right part model for children.

He then said he believed his at odds girlfriend duped him by cassette their hush-hush conversations. She would always service the word black, Mr. Sterling said of Stiviano.

Thats a black girl, thats a black guy, this is black, thats black. So when she said to me Im going to bring four gorgeous black guys to the game, players she was referring to either football or basketball, I was a little jealous maybe.

The NBA swiftly punished Sterling following the release of the first recordings, banning him from the league for life and beating him with a $2.5million minute.

They could too force him to be bought the set, and the NBAs AdvisoryFianance agency met by federation give a buzz last Wednesday to discuss the possible termination.

Donald Sterling, pictured with his wife Rochelle Stein at a Los Angeles Police Awards Dinner in August 2011

The agency on the loose a receipt saying they desire meet over again next week to discuss the matter further.

Three-quarters of the NBA set owners would have to vote in agreement in regulation to force Sterling to be bought.

Former Schedule Warner Cable take precedence and Obama advisor Dick Parsons has been chosen as the teams interim CEO for the transition period.

Meanwhile, Sterlings at odds wife Shelly hopes to hold on to her 50 per cent stake in the Los Angeles set. Share or observation on this article

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