Sunday, 1 June 2014

Modena Ferrari Factory

Modena Ferrari Factory

The move comes rather sudden, as so much the Panasonic Corp which is today Teslas main partner for batteries nonetheless complete exact cautious decisions on the massive series factory plan which according to the electric car manufacturer needs additional investments of $3 billion to its have possession of $2 billion direct new member.

As were not anticipating one sudden tenfold increases in demand or anything like that, we believe it is right to disturb it up step-by-step and invest gradually, said Yoshio Ito, senior managing executive official and president of the Japanese firms automotive and industrial section.

According to Ito the plans would call for trivial investments for the moment being, with Panasonic not yet establishing a timeframe for the US expenditure, with the two companies now discussing investment details and further on building and construction plans.

The Japanese giant, who is Teslas prime supplier for lithium-ion packs on the contrary competes on the auto batteries segment with Samsung SDI Co Ltd, said it doesnt believe here would be one rival producer to bid for Teslas series factory and might ultimately turn out to be the sole manufacturer drawn if it doesnt come up with the satisfied sum for the remaining investment needs.

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