Sunday, 1 June 2014

Used Ferrari Spider

Used Ferrari Spider

An infuriated pedestrian has been caught on camera throwing a rock at a speeding Lamborghini Aventador.

The super sports car, attraction an eye-watering 350,000 according to the Mirror, is filmed speeding gulp down a thoroughfare in the Us when it stops at a junction.

An irate male be able to be seen eminence on the thoroughfare asset a rock aloft. He is heard saying, Keep racing, keep racing... keep doing it, in advance the Lamborghini drives off again - and the male throws the rock he was asset.

According to the Metro, it smashes a window on the sports car and, for a second, the driver slows gulp down, possibly thinking in the region of reacting.

On the contrary then he speeds off again up the thoroughfare, leaving the male shooting the footage a little befuddled at what hed just witnessed.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a user called Stephen Zinn. Reactions to the video have been varied, with one user declaring: There are no winners in this video. Both parties were prs.

One said the male in the Lamborghini got what he deserved, despite the fact that an additional said: If someone is speeding in an area with kids, you phone up the police, you dont baffle rocks at their sports car .

One user even suggested the footage force be fake, writing: Hmm, is this even real? I dont see him in point of fact baffle anything, and I never axiom a rock batter the pulverized considering it batter the sports car. A rock big enough to appoint that sound should have been big enough to see on the video even at 720p. And also, the guy just happens to know and understand his camera ready to film the lambo coming gulp down the street....seems strange.

Meanwhile, back in January, tourists and locals were shocked to see a bright verdant 240,000 Ferrari sports sports car stuck on the beach at Watergate Bay approaching Newquay, Cornwall.

The 458 Spider, which has a top speediness of 200mph, got stuck despite the fact that being used during a shoot for Official Ferrari Magazine, hearsay the Daily Send.

The sports car had been on loan from the Carrs Ferrari dealership in Exeter, who explained: Unfortunately, when the Ferrari 458 Spider was off-loaded from the trailer, the rear wheels bedded gulp down into the ruts created by the tractor, philanthropic the impression that the sports car had beached itself.


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