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New Ferrari 2014

New Ferrari 2014

LONDON Red Bull group chief Christian Horner has ended clear he is ready to rebuff one bids by Ferrari to lure construct genius and technical director Adrian Newey to stick together the Italian group.

Horner, who has guided Sebastian Vettel and the group to four successive globe titles with Newey-designed and urban cars, has been briefing reporters to see one Ferrari interest as only speculative.

Save for once over-seeing a change of group leadership at Maranello and announcing his disappointment at Ferraris modern form, head Luca di Montezemolo appears to be additional keen than ever to recruit F1s a good number successful designer of every one.

It is almost an annual thing that there is speculation more or less his future, said Horner.

Save for he has for eternity ended clear his feeling towards the group, the warm feeling he has for Red Bull.

He has been occupied since the activation and he is much additional occupied in this group than he has been at one further. He enjoys the environment that he is operational in so I weigh up the speculation is only that, save for you know how to understand why Ferrari would be looking.

Once a four-year spell of sustained success, it is thought by many that Newey may be ready for a new challenge as his group battle to keep up with pacesetters- Mercedes who have won every one five races this flavor.

And as the F1 circus heads to Monte Carlo this week for the glamorous and spectacular Monaco Fantastic Prix, won by Mercedes Nico Rosberg last year, one more Silver Arrows success looks almost inevitable with Rosberg hoping to put a stop to colleague- Lewis Hamiltons run of four victories in succession.

That streak of triumphs has lifted Hamilton to the cap of the standings and, given his at this time dazzling displays of supremacy in every one conditions and his true knack for street circuits, he looks to be a clear favourite to extend his advance in the title race.

Flagging fortunes

Indeed, given Monacos reputation as the race weekend for setting up deals and doing question, one more Hamilton earn could be conducted against a backdrop of Ferrari pursuing a range of targets as they bid to rebuild their flagging fortunes.

Once a disappointing foundation to the flavor was extended to a year since their last earn next the Spanish Fantastic Prix, new group chief Marco Mattiacci has not ruled in a daze going to market to hire big technical names to boost the group if he believes it is necessary.

His explanation are seen to signal a new bid by the scarlet scuderia to lure Newey away from Milton Keynes, save for di Montezemolo said in Barcelona that he wanted Mattiacci to focus on the group rather than look outside it for improvement.

He Mattiacci needs to do a extensive captivation in F1, taking care that I dont ask him to befall a technician or an expert in aerodynamics, engine or suspension, Montezemolo joked.

The minority Italians laughed. Like their leading driver two-time champion Fernando Alonso, they know that Ferrari are struggling to keep pace with their rivals.

Alonso said that Mercedes are racing in a different category compared to the further teams once he and Kimi Raikkonen came in sixth and seventh at the Spanish race.

This flavor has been so-so we havent been vivacious adequate, said Alonso.

We have been lapped in Spain, we were ninth and 10th in Bahrain. We are not on the originally row of the grid, save for we are third in the globe championship.

So, apart from Mercedes, who are racing in a different category, we are originally or go along with on one given weekend. Theres not one prize for that, it just shows how competitive we are, whatsoever we have we force fight every one the spell.

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