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Top Speed of Ferrari

Top Speed of Ferrari

The LaFerrari is testimony that Ferrari be capable of work with hybrid technology, bar assuming that its available to wake up one day and launch dropping the technology on every part of future Ferraris is taking it a little in addition far. Ferrari knows that hybrid engines have a future in its company its just that we shouldnt expect it to happen anytime soon.

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa spoke with Auto Motor und Sport and admitted as much, telling the German paper that despite the fact that a hybrid successor to the 458 Italia is an attention-grabbing idea, the company still doesnt see it as a feasible idea unless theres a leap forward in succession technology.

In fact, the main concern with using hybrid technology on Ferraris is the rate that comes with it. Felisa meaningful ready that the LaFerraris electrical engineering before now expenses 60,000 ($82,970 based on current exchange rates), and that doesnt even count the mechanical and financial effort looked-for to compensate for the weight added by a hybrid system.

Ferrari be capable of walk missing using hybrid technology on the LaFerrari because the exclusivity of the supercar , coupled with its vast price tag, was enough to justify using it. Bar mass shaped supercars like the 458 Italia are a distinct story. For one, Ferrari cant risk adding whichever new weight to the cars and the sheer volume of production is just in addition steep to code name. It could probably still work, bar the rate of doing so would be to knock together the cars new steep to buyers - an option that Ferrari isnt in addition satirical on taking.

Bar the technology is there, and Ferrari knows now that using it be capable of dramatically improve the performance of its sports cars. Thats the expert news. Its just not feasible to do at this point in epoch.

For now, Ferraris intend is to continue pushing forward with developing new technology that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of its vehicles. A amalgamation of mild hybrid technology and turbocharged engines could be used on that end. Bar as far as the kind of hybrid tech the LaFerrari has, dont expect Ferrari to launch using it on its new models just yet.

Click past the fly to read new concerning the LaFerrari LaFerrari Ferrari unveiled the LaFerrari, the successor to the Enzo supercar, at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The model features an aggressive outline language and a hybrid system for the formerly epoch in Ferraris history.

The LaFerrari gets a HY-KERS system that combines a 6,262 cc (6.3-liter), V-12 engine with two electric motors one motor powers the driven wheels and the second drives the ancillaries.

This system delivers a total of 963 horsepower 800 delivered by the V-12 engine and 163 by the electric motors which allows the car to sprint from to 60 mph in less than three seconds and up to a top speed of new than 217 mph.

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