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Ferrari Models 2013

Ferrari Models 2013

The 2014 Concours Of Grace At Hampton Court Palace Is The Ultimate Motoring Backyard Person

The 2014 Concours of Grace being held in the Grand Fountain Gardens at Hampton Court Palace from 5-7 SeptemberThe Concours of Grace motivation gather 60 of the rarest cars from around the world, joined by around 700 additional fine and wanted motor cars

Luxury retail shopping with Royal Warrant Holders and hand-picked partnersA sumptuous selection of hospitality and dining solutions on offer for exquisite entertaining

The Concours of Grace remainder a major fund raising event for charity, with this years goal set to exceed the 250,000 collected at the 2013 event, staged at St Jamess Palace

Seeing as the inaugural Concours of Grace of 2012, held surrounded by the restricted grounds of Windsor Castle to mark HRH Her Majesty the Queens diamond silver jubilee of reign, the award-winning Concours has set a new macro benchmark for a classic car concours event.

The following Concours of Grace, held to equal compliments at the Royal Palace of St James, London, in 2013, better upon the exceptionally high usual set at Windsor Castle, and this year, the Concours once again retains its Royal Palace acquaintances, moving to the spectacular surroundings of Hampton Court Palace, in the vicinity London, from 5-7 September.

Sixty of the peak calibre rare and significant cars have been painstakingly selected and invited to the Concours of Grace at Hampton Court Palace, to be joined by 700 of the very best cars from a broad variety of leading car clubs, as well as the very latest tailored sports cars and luxury models from a add up to of prestigious car manufacturers, creating the ultimate motoring summer backyard person in a historic and uniquely-British setting.

This Septembers Concours of Grace motivation dramatically tell the story of the motor car through apiece of the with care selected Concours vehicles. From the pioneering days of the horseless carriage in the late 19th Century perfectly illustrated by the confirmed chipping in of an ultra-rare 1896 Lutzmann - right through to the very latest state-of-the-art 200 mph Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar, completely 60 exceptional Concours cars many of them never seen previously in this country motivation grace the Grand Fountain Gardens on the East side of the historic 17th Century Royal Palace at Hampton Court.

The majority of historically important and sought-after car marques motivation be represented at the Concours of Grace. Ranging from Alfa Romeo to Zagato, visitors to the Hampton Court Palace Concours motivation be able to admire stunning examples of Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Bentley, Hispano-Suiza, Ferrari, Packard, Aston Martin and Maserati, plus dozens of additional fine marques, making this is an unmissible occasion for anyone who appreciates the inherent creative magnificence of heroic automobiles.

A taster of the exceptional cars already confirmed for the 2014 Concours of Grace includes a stunning 1931 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Flying Star with On the road coachwork, never previously seen in the UK. A brace of significant and rare prewar- Mercedes-Benz models motivation additionally be present at Hampton Court Palace.

Supporting the Concours motivation be a show off of up to 700 additional wanted cars from completely eras surrounded by the grounds of Hampton Court Palace on the Saturday and Sunday, displayed in a dedicated area, adjacent to the Concours, presented by a broad variety of car clubs and motor manufacturers.

For the first time, a Club Trophy, sponsored by AIG and supported by the Royal Automobile Club, motivation be presented to the very best car to have won its be in possession of car clubs concours event earlier in 2014, in gratitude of the will and commitment of Car Club owners, and their support of the grass roots concours movement in the UK. A broad selection of additional classic cars motivation additionally be displayed in a out of the ordinary pre-1975 tax exempt parking area very close to the Palace.

The major prestige car clubs in the UK have been invited to send the winning cars from their be in possession of car clubs concours proceedings along to Hampton Court Palace, to then be judged for the desirable Club Trophy. Ultimately the largely Club Trophy winner motivation automatically be one of the 60 select Concours cars to be entered addicted to the line-up for the 2015 Concours of Grace event, to be held at a British Royal Palace, yet to be announced.

Additionally new for 2014 is the Conversation Concours, a breathe stage area for recurrent interviews and informal chats with interesting guest speakers, from the world of classic cars, motor sport and fashion.

The annual Concours of Grace remainder unique in being the UKs simply automotive event to have the benefit of an authentic and spectacular Royal Palace as its backdrop, with clear Royal motoring enthusiast HRH Prince Michael of Kent as the proceedings Fan.

Given its compelling Royal acquaintances, fittingly the Concours is supported by members of the Royal Warrant Holders Association. The complete hospitality options and collect-on-the-day picnics at the event reflect this, and have been specifically designed to incorporate the armed forces and products of Royal Warrant holders Mosimanns, Pol Roger and Corney & Barrow.

A range of complete products from a add up to of Royal Warrant Association holders and luxury partners, including Collier & Dobson, Henry Poole & Co and William and Lad, motivation be additionally displayed and available to obtain in a relaxed and stylish retail environment at the Concours of Grace.

A key objective of the annual Concours of Grace is to be a highly successful fundraising initiative, with the 2013 event at St Jamess Palace raising in overkill of 250,000. The charities set to benefit from the 2014 Concours of Grace motivation be announced shortly.

The 2014 Concours of Grace at Hampton Court Palace motivation be open to the public on Saturday 6 September and Sunday 7 September, with adult entry tickets available to obtain, strictly in move on simply, from 25 per person, per day, including entry addicted to Hampton Court Palace and its extensive grounds.

Tickets are available now on a first-come first-served basis, and must be purchased in move on. Tickets are available now at the Concours of Grace website ( Partial edition Concours of Grace Posters and Concours of Grace Keepsake Catalogues are additionally available.

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