Sunday, 1 June 2014

New Ferrari Prices

New Ferrari Prices

The exquisite glass garage (and home attached to it) from Ferris Bueller just sold for $1.06 million. Theres no sound on if Camerons father is even now beating him senselessly for ruining his Ferrari in a teenaged put in of rage and angst.

The garage, famous for being the scene where a juvenile operate has a mental breakdown rumbling enough for him to be committed to approximately bursting time facility to watch over his well being, has protracted been an knack deco icon of Chicagos Highland Park.

Camerons house has been on the souk for nearly five years, however the modernist home built in 1953 has finally found a buyer. The purchase price of $1.06 million is far below the original $2.3 million starting price.

Now the new owners just better not park whatever thing valuable in that garage, especially if they have an emotionally disturbed son and a miscreant pathological liar as a paramount lonesome.

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