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Lamborghini Murcielago Spider

Lamborghini Murcielago Spider

Norwegian Andreas Arnhoff hopped a flight to New York on a whim and when he here, he unambiguous to rent a car.

However he didnt want at all erstwhile airport payment.

Arnhoff, 24, says he works in real estate and that cars are a hobby for him. Back in Norway, he owns a Porsche 911 and a Porsche Cayenne, mutually turbo.

His first choice for a payment was a Lamborghini Murcilago, however it wasnt available when he called exotic car payment company Gotham Dream Cars.

We had to go with the Ferrari, Arnhoff says, laughing.

Gotham delivered a bright red Ferrari 458 Spider with a retractable roof to his midtown hotel. The company paid something like $340,000 for it which is actually something like $40,000 supplementary than the list price because question for the car is so high.For a one-day payment, it charges nearly $2,000, plus challenge and a $15,000 security deposit.

In the last not many living, supplementary companies have started renting luxury and exotic cars, including life-size nationalized chains like Enterprise and Hertz.

We werent sure how customers were going to be receptive of the pool, says Paula Riviera, a Hertz spokesperson.

Something like a year and a half ago, Hertz launched its Dream Car payment line with 25 cars, including a couple Lamborghinis, a not many Ferraris.

Its proven so popular that today we have supplementary than a thousand cars, she says.

At the Newark Airport, a Jaguar and Mercedes sit parked on a ramp that Riviera calls the eye candy show off. She says a few colonize who have booked a expected erstwhile midsize might walk by the show off and upgrade on the fly.

There are convertibles in California and Range Rovers in Colorado. The company shifts cars around to bump into question, equal to smaller markets like Kansas Metropolitan and Detroit.

The move into exotics makes have a feeling for the nationalized companies because the payment market is very competitive, says Chris Brown, the executive editor of Vehicle Payment Reports.

I wouldnt say the markets saturated, says Brown. However its certainly stuffed. So the major car payment companies are if truth be told looking for new avenues to exploit.

However, he thinks exotics bidding remain a recess company.

Although luxury and exotic rentals maybe budding into new parts of the voters, the lion-share of the market is going in south Florida, southern California, maybe New York, he says.

Many independent exotic payment companies are besides looking for behavior to expand.

Because payment bookings are a large amount popular on the weekend, Gotham Dream Cars has created shorter, less expensive pouring experiences on weekdays, which allow colonize to drive the cars in a closed parking lot or racetrack at higher speeds. These dealings typically target gear heads interested in testing the cars working.

In stand out against, information from the cars show that renters dont tend to drive the cars that far or fast.

A large amount colonize rent the car to drive around, says Gothams Bustle Rob Ferretti. They go to Starbucks 50 period, they drive around Period Pay off a million period. You rent the car to be seen.

Its an accessory company, he says, like Rent The Airstrip for men. Though women grasp these luxury car rentals as gifts, nine given away of ten renters or come across drivers are indeed men.

As for Norwegian traveler Andreas Arnhoff, he says hes planning to take his Ferrari shopping to an hole mall in the suburbs.

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