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New Ferrari Cars

New Ferrari Cars

Paramedics pronounced him dead at the happening of the crash, which occurred shortly subsequent to 2 a.m. at Garvey and New avenues.

A passenger in the mangled Ferrari 458 Italia was hospitalized in judgmental condition, Monterey Park law Sgt. Brent Archibald said. A kind of the passenger was unavailable.

The driver of a Hyundai Accent that collided with the Ferrari was in addition hospitalized in judgmental condition, and suspected of drunken driving, authorities said.

We do iffy that alcohol is involved, Archibald said.

The driver, 28-year-old Omar Placencia of Los Angeles, was expected to be booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter, Lt. Eric Kim said.

He was the barely person in the Hyundai.

The cars collided in the intersection as the Ferrari was southbound on New Avenue and the Hyundai was westbound on Garvey Avenue, The (Hyundai) collided interested in the driver-side of the Ferrari, lethally injuring the driver, Archibald said.

Officers had not yet determined which vehicle had the green fun, he said. The speed at which the cars were traveling when they crashed was in addition below investigation.

The Ferrari appears to be new, Archibald said, calculation that it was not yet en suite with undeviating license plates.

The luxury sports cars early price is around $230,000

The facade end of the sports car was sheared of in the crash.

Coroners officials planned to put on an autopsy on Duan and expression interested in whether he had every substances in his organism at the count of the crash.

Neighbors living near the crash happening said theyd seen the white Ferrari speeding around the area in recent time.

Erica Olson, 44, said shes seen the sports car driving at high speeds three epoch in the before week.

Its just been zooming around, she said. It was responsibility 70 mph on New (Avenue). It was going so fast, I couldnt tell who was driving it.

I pray for the victims, Olson new.

Neighbor Lee McClure said saying noticed the Ferrari for the first count Friday afternoon as it was speeding alongside Egley Avenue in facade of Arlene Bitely Elementary Instruct. I havent seen it in advance, he said.

The intersection remained shut through 2 p.m. as officials took measurements, unruffled sign and examined the happening.

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