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Ferrari F430 for Sale

Ferrari F430 for Sale

Cinsay the leader in shared cassette commerce and Risi Competizione, the top Ferrari racing team in North America, have announced today an exclusive multi-year agreement to create a pre-eminent GT racing shout outlet. The Outlet resolve feature exclusive indoctrination, live streaming inside Risis race facilities, behind the scenes cassette, shared interaction with drivers and crews and syndicatable on CINSAYs multi-patented cassette ecommerce knowledge.

Timing for the venture comes during Risi Competiziones rising increase in fan awareness and run wins. Founded by Giuseppe Risi in 1997, the Risi Competizione team has won multiple prestigious races and championship titles with Ferraris GT racers over the being including the IMSA Cup Championship, the American Le Mans Run, the Rolex Grand-Am Sports Car Run and three class wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1998, 2008 and 2009.

We are vastly excited to be evidence for what goes into creating one of the largely winning Ferrari teams in the humanity, said Giuseppe Risi, Founder and Team Principal of Risi Competizione. The RisiTV racing site resolve be the worlds first prospect for fans to see inside a Ferrari GT race teams hidden workings. All week we resolve take fans on an educational ride by showcasing new content including, how we do it every one of segments. Theyll be able to see how the crew rebuilds a gearbox or brake system. Everyone every one of over the whole humanity resolve be able to Watch, Shop, and Cut every one of live streaming and archived videos as well as interact with our drivers and crew and join other passionate fans of Ferrari racing, he extra.

Race fans resolve be able to pose questions and chat with crew and well-known drivers Giancarlo Fisichella and Pierre Kaffer to learn almost everything that goes into preparing for all race as well as watch testing and race preparation of cars between race dealings.

Next to with the exciting, exclusive cassette, fans resolve be able to purchase officially branded merchandise and apparel inside all cassette or at the site that skin tone Cinsays own in-house ended to order, OnDemand items from t-shirts, jackets and smartphone covers to one-of-a-kind and limited total porcelain available only concluded the make contacts.

Fan-Base for High-end Car Racing on the Upsurge:

Cinsay is building on the momentum of sports car racings growing popularity across IndyCar and higher-end race run. In fact, IndyCar Run is predicting ticket sales to increase between 20-25% in 2014 alone. Based on that and similar research, Cinsay has previously prolonged into the racing course by partnering this year with the legendary IndyCar team, Andretti Autosport to add and to its growing entertainment and commerce channels.

2014 inscription the first year of the new Tudor United SportsCar Championship run which resolve be televised for the first time and this presents a great prospect for Risi Competizione to fly onboard and ride the wave of growing interest in particular niches of sports car racing on all sides of the humanity, collective Christian Briggs, Founder and CEO of Cinsay. Fans preserve follow live broadcasts in HD from the garages, the pits and interviews at the races whilst at home in their existing temporary housing or on every one of mobile devices, he extra. Everywhere else in the humanity preserve someone watch a Ferrari 458 GT or an F430 being torn unhappy, re-built and painted just in time for the after that race?

Everyone watching resolve be able to create free online accounts and cut the private videos via shared media sites like Facebook, peep, tumblr and others. Scores of of the videos next to with the associated merchandise, embed and have inclusive functionality as the content is collective across multiple sites and devices globally.

With Ferrari and Tudor part of the Rolex Group involved, you have two of the worlds largely recognizable and largely powerful brands represented in the GT run. Were poised to see continued growth of the Tudor run and it ought to be an exciting future for Risi Competizione fans, extra Briggs.

Almost Cinsay, Inc:

Austin-based Cinsay has created a next-generation e-commerce, viewer interactive, video-based platform for slightly size small business. Cinsays syndicatable knowledge enables anyone to sell products, display printable coupons, capture donations, and generate leads every one of inside its multi-patented Cassette Smart Store (VSS) knowledge. Next to with being the premiere cassette commerce provider for unimportant and average businesses, Cinsay is tally new exclusive content channels for sports, composition and movies aligned with partners including Andretti Autosport and Suretone Entertainment and has been elected as a software provider to SMBs via Yahoos Commerce Central.

Forbes named Cinsay one of Americas Largely Shows potential Companies whilst eTail Conferences named Cinsay a Rising Star in innovation for 2012. Scarlet Herring furthermore elected Cinsay for the Top 100 Companies in North America for 2014. Cinsays eCommerce video-based platform preserve be second-hand for slightly private or small business. For further information, please visit or call 855-725-2462.

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