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Ferrari F1 Cars

Ferrari F1 Cars

Kimi Raikkonen is suffering the equal issues with Ferraris 2014 Formula 1 vehicle as coworker- Fernando Alonso, according to the teams technical boss James Allison.

Raikkonen has in the main lagged behind Alonso this season, as he has battled to pick up comfortable with the F14 T.

The 2007 F1 planet champion lies 19 points and eight places further assist in the drivers title fight with five races, though he finished upright behind the Spaniard in the Bahrain Grand Prix and outqualified him in Spain.

Allison said the various issues Raikkonen has qualified although driving this new generation of F1 vehicle were not rare to him, and suggested Alonso had plainly got to grips with the situation faster than his coworker.

I am not definite that it is entirely moderately good to articulate that he is struggling further than Fernando, Allison said.

They both have parallel feedback on the vehicle.

There are aspects of this years rules that makes the cars across the pitlane not an easy prospect for the driver.

There is a lot further torque from the engine, there is a lot not as much of aerodynamic grip, the tyres are themselves deliberately not as much of aggressive than they were go on year.

The complete of that agency the cars are quite a handful to drive - not so easy for anybody, be that at the front of the grid or the assist of the grid.

The sort of problems Kimi has with the vehicle in footing, under braking, and downshifting are pretty a lot the equal as Fernando, and I would imagine parallel to those qualified at other teams.

He is going a little bit slower than Fernando at the moment however that gap is last as the year progresses.


Alonso has said numerous times that Ferrari has to improve multiple aspects of its vehicle in order to close the gap to Red Bull and Mercedes, and Allison agreed Ferrari had not produced a chassis on a par with the frontrunners.

We have been relatively highly seasoned when it is further a front-limited track than a rear-limited track, however I dont think that we preserve allegation to have produced a chassis that is at the moment the equal of Red Bull, Allison new.

We are not lagging hugely behind however there is even so work for us to do by we preserve bind our hand up and articulate we were absolutely happy with the chassis performance.

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