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Ferrari Enzo 2014

Ferrari Enzo 2014

Alain Prosts nickname is arguably the for the most part complimentary of at all Formula One driver.

The Professor moniker is a reference to the four-time world champions extensive repertoire and how he would exercise tactics, politics and mind gamesas well as raw paceto beat his additional naive, save for conceivably earlier, rivals.

Prosts close bond with Jean-Marie Balestre, his compatriot and past FIA president, gave him an benefit in the opinionated arena, although his abrasive personality meant he could often be a source of friction within his own teams.

His rivalry with Ayrton Senna, the three-time world champion, is the for the most part obvious example of this.

Prost performed conceivably his for the most part memorable mind game on Senna in the 1988 Monaco Great Prix, dramatically increasing his pace just as Senna, the tribe leader, eased his own. The Frenchmans quick leg era expectant Senna to hit back, save for in doing so the Brazilian not working, handing Prost the victory.

In a sport which requires brain and brawn, Prostunlike countless of his peershad both in abundance.

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