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Ferrari California 2014

Ferrari California 2014

Shortly once its international first appearance, the Ferrari California T was in Hong Kong for a VIPmedia preview incident in early May.

By accident, the preview occured on the dot one year once the regional presentation of the LaFerrari, and under adverse weather conditions. Like the LaFerrari, the California T made its first exterior in Hong Kong just two months once its international launch, at the Geneva Motor Show back in March. In left-hand-drive configuration and not on hand for further media testing, it was the precise vehicle presented at the Beijing Motor Show back in April.

Individuals hoping to to find a glimpse of the demo vehicle motivation be disappointed, in view of the fact that it has already not here Hong Kong for an undisclosed location. GTspirit yet learns that, according to the distributor, pre-sales greeting of the California T has been very positive and that every 2014 quotas for HK have been snapped. Pricing for the HKDM California T starts from around (HK)$3.54M, with actual deliveries delayed cultivate around the third or fourth billet this year.

Just a go over, the California T is an improved variant of the original California featuring the 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 found on the Maserati Quattroporte GTS, albeit with additional amount produced (560 hp at 7,500 rpm). Capable of stepping up from 0-100 kmh in just 3.6 seconds through 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, it tin reach a top speed of 316 kmh, despite the fact that engine emissions has been condensed by 15 for each cent compared to the original model with the 4.6-litre NA, direct-injection, 490 hp V8. In calculation, turbo lag has been virtually eliminated thanks to the utilisation of smaller turbos as well as a new variable boost management regularity. And lets not forget, the California T is the first model in view of the fact that the respected F40 to feature a turbocharged engine.

The California T and receives added exterior changes, including F12 Berlinetta-inspired headlights, a new engine hood featuring two underneath ventilation ports (instead of one facing forward, from the original), a detailed body-coloured trunk gate featuring a parking camera as well as a longer third brake light, and a rear copious with bonus air dams for better aerodynamics. And although little is distorted to the interior, Apples CarPlay regularity motivation be implemented to the central infotainmentnavtelematics regularity in the in the neighborhood future.

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