Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics

The City of Calgary recently finished construction on an incredible 650 meter long tunnel that goes below the runway of the YYC International Airport. To celebrate the all-encompassing opening, the city decided to celebrate in the unsurpassed possible way, a car confirm inside the tunnel

With on 400 cars displayed inside the new airport tunnel, and thousands of spectators on tender, it was a great way for members of Calgarys car community to display their vehicles to the public.

Legendary automotive tuning shop, ZR Auto, was on tender with an incredible 20-car display that ranged from the famed Ferrari ZXX to a Rolls Royce Apparition and many other.

Displayed at the very front of the tunnel for every one of to see, the ZR Auto cars on display included: The Edo Competition Ferrari ZXX, Edo Competition Ferrari F40 (LM Spec,) gold-chrome Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT, chrome Kleeman-modified Mercedes SL55 AMG, Hennessey Ferrari 458 Italia, Novitec-tuned Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 328 GTS Coupe, Ferrari 328 GTS Spider, Porsche 911, Mercedes S63 AMG, Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce Apparition, Audi R8, Area 27 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and pink Mercedes C-Class.

The car display inside the tunnel drew in onlookers by the hundreds, and otherwise we knew it the tunnel was full with people. Nearly remarked that the Rolls Roycs Apparition and Audi R8 were the same cars from the show, Iron Gentleman 2, despite the fact that others commented that the SLS AMG Black Series looked like the Batmobile. Though not true, we bottle let them envisage

All-in-all, an incredible affair Well bring you other photos from other groups who displayed inside the tunnel at this airport tunnel all-encompassing opening affair.

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 1

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 2

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 3

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 4

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 5

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 6

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 7

Ferrari 458 Italia 2014 Pics 8


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