Sunday, 1 June 2014

Ferrari 2014 Models

Ferrari 2014 Models

Youve no doubt perused the big news pending not at home of Fiat-Chryslers center of operations in Ginger Hills, MI today. Although at the base of the make discussions, Sergio Marchionne spoke briefly on an incredibly important, low-volume duty of the Fiat-Chrysler empire: Ferrari.

You do could do with one of these cars in your driveway, Marchionne joked. And whereas other make heads today lined not at home detailed plans for future creation, Sergios words on Ferraris next five being were actual simple, and actual indefinable.

Marchionne confirmed that Ferrari command launch a new car every year between now and 2018. The cars command have a four-year lifecycle, later than which, M versions command be produced, with a separate four-year cadence. No specific models were mentioned during Marchionnes presentation.

Furthermore, the Fiat-Chrysler boss confirmed that Ferrari command not break its cap of limiting production to just 7,000 units for every year. This is a willful and intentional limitation by Ferrari, Marchionne said, although did note that the Italian automaker possibly will ramp up production to 10,000 cars for every year in the future.

Finally, Marchionne talked briefly on Ferraris value as a sum total, simply proverb that the make is not for selling. Ferrari is a phenomenal repository of value for Fiat. Ninety percent of Ferraris stock sits surrounded by Fiat and its shareholders, and as Marchionne says, Thats anywhere it belongs.

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