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eBay Motors Ferrari for Sale

eBay Motors Ferrari for Sale

The team at Barr-Tech on Cowley Road near the Science Park has developed a fantastic reputation for servicing and repairing top-end cars and now the inflexible has further a showroom to the premises and is selling a select reach of high-performance used cars, writes Mike Scialom.

The new showroom is being run by Jonathan Royle. Ive been in the motor business for 17 years, Jonathan says. For ten years I was on the selling floor of Porsche Ive always had a passion for high-performance vehicles and when the opportunity came to work at this time I was happy to grab it straight away.

The new environment is pretty undersized indeed Barr-Techs sales arm stocks no extra than a dozen cars. The mini-dealership was actually opened in January although, with new options including finance were officially official by Santander and extended warranties, the service is now as upmarket as the cars on sale.

Barr-Tech employs 14 full-time workforce and founders Tino and Nino are legends in that, later than 20 years in the municipality, they subdue put on their branded overalls every day of the week and contract stuck in. The duo insist that its because they love what theyre responsibility and they love the fact that their customers keep returning.

The the majority important thing is believe, says Nino.

Our reputation means a lot to us, adds Tino. You cant buy a reputation on eBay says Nino. We always make use of genuine oil, genuine parts, and service the car as per the manufacturers information, so if youve got a Mercedes its exactly the same as if youre going to a Mercedes dealership, and we do that across the entire the cars.

Barr-Tech has dealer-level equipment for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari its no wonder their customers come from as far-off east as Great Yarmouth and in a daze west forgotten Bath. And of course their prices are much extra competitive, and apiece car comes with a smallest amount six-month warranty which preserve be extended to two or even three years.

The services moreover on offer include repairs, resprays and restorations. Barr-Tech has manufacturer approval for Fiat, Mazda, Hyundai Kia and Alfa Romeo. People are unaware that they preserve make use of the bodyshop of their choice if theyve had an accident the insurers dont always say that, says Nino.

The evolution of Barr-Tech came in the region of because customers wanted to sell their cars through an agency they trusted. Weve over and over again been asked by customers if we preserve sell a car for them, says Tino. Or buy one, because of our reputation, which means reconciliation of mind. Weve got thousands of customers on our books And approximately of them be in possession of two or three cars, adds Nino.

With a 20-year reputation for quality, Barr-Techs expansion into sales is going to thrill a lot of drivers who know they now have an established dealership right on their front entrance, run by a inflexible which takes pride in what it preserve deliver to customers premium quality cars, backed by a inflexible with a sound monetary grip and staffed by experts who take pride in their work.

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