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2014 Ferrari Models

2014 Ferrari Models

Ferrari California T: summary Ferraris entry-level kind is now a much extra serious performance car bar time the turbocharged California T is better to direct it hasnt sacrificed the comfort and capability that made the last one great.

What: Ferrari California T (2014 onwards) Where: Siena, Italy Date: May 2014 Price: 154,490 Available: order now, arriving September 2014 Key rivals:Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Bentley Continental GTC, BMW M6 Convertible, Maserati GranCabrio, Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG

We resembling: marvellous original turbo engine, enhanced chassis, still comfortable, surprisingly refined We dont resembling: desire still be seen as in addition soft by about

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Ferrari California T: first impressions Dont call it a comeback Ferrari has sold extra than 10,000 Californias since the name was reintroduced as a original entry-level kind back up in 2009, making it the a large amount successful single kind Ferrari constantly. And yet the California has always had something of an image problem. Not a few extra.

Maranello has delivered a car that be capable of be driven quickly with little fear

This is the sturdily revised California T. Every exterior panel bar the folding roof and windscreen surround is original, the chassis is extensively enhanced, the interior enhanced, the electronics upgraded and the engine correctly, the engine is the complete original and Ferraris first turbocharged force since the F40.

Hence the T.

It is a mighty piece of work. The California has always been designed at buyers who resembling the Ferrari type bar for one reason or an additional dont understand on with the traditional effect portfolio of extreme super sports cars. For 70% of them, a California is their first Ferrari, the Prancing Horse with the extra usefulness and usability they ask.

Seems daft to talk approximately usefulness, bar deliberate the context. The California is a 22, importance you be capable of cram a couple of (small) kids in the back up. Its a hard top and its a convertible. It be capable of hold a set of golf clubs. Its easy enough to understand into, and yes its easy to direct. The California T is the complete of these things, and extra.

The original looksavoid the aggression of other Ferrari models again, key to California buyers bar now simmer with near classical grace and elegant proportions. A trick of the judgment, becasue the dimensions are exactly the unchanged.


Ferrari California T: performance The California T is powered by a original 3,855cc twin-turbo V8 that produces 560hp about 70hp extra than its predecessors 4.3-litre purely aspirated engine. It features twin-scroll turbochargers, direct booster and complex, three-piece exhaust headers. Direct is to the rear wheels via a seven-speed, twin-clutch paddleshift van.

The California T simply flows down the road resembling a ribbon attached to a rocket

This original engine has been in development for four years so basically for almost as lingering as Ferrari has been building the California with initial foundation beginning two years earlier than that. Determined not only to improve efficiency bar as well to maintain that vital Ferrari sound and response, this is actual much a no-holds-barred speak to, incorporating Formula Onetech.

Ferrari was particularly keen to avoid simply dropping a titanic wallop of torque into the car at low revs (a characteristic modern turbo trait), so has instead manipulated the torque production so that it swells as the revs rise encouraging you to chase the limiter in prim sporting fashion. Bar thats not the complete.

Time the torque generated remains static in the first three gears, once you understand into fourth its increased and arrives earlier in the rev variety with every extra gear. So that by the time youve slotted seventh theres an enormous 557lb ft at 4,750rpm, a unreasonable 49% extra than was available in the aged California.

With no lag to speak of, this means the California T surges forward with the nice of hungry conviction thats going to get on to a lot of other high-performance cars look actual, actual silly. 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds gives you an idea yet only really scratches the surface.

By limiting the torque in the earlier gears, and apt the latest Ferrari stability control systems, Maranello has delivered a car that be capable of be driven quickly with little fear.

The rush to the 7,500rpm redline gives you a real rollercoaster adrenaline spike, and the sense the gearshifts slot through at hustle is resembling magic, prompting the feeling that life seldom gets better than this.


Ferrari California T: ride and handling Ferrari knows thatexisting owners direct their Californias 30% extra than other Ferraris, so part of the brief is to get on to sure its not in addition intimidating.

Thathasnt stopped Ferrari apt steering that is 10% faster and springs that are 12% stiffer, however. Maintaining comfort levels, the optional magnetorheological dampers 3,168 correctly spent now reply 35% faster, so you end up with a California that has much tighter body control time still being lithe on top of bumps.

It isnt an all-consumingly intense understanding at hustle. The sharper steering requires about initial adjustment its easy to apply in addition much lock to commence with bar you soon learn to be devoted to how rarely you have to move your hands on the veer. At which point the California T simply flows down the road resembling a ribbon attached to a rocket. It is effortlessly fast through a sequence of corners, if inevitably extra susceptible to inertia than the a smaller amount compromising 458 Italia.

When the roof is stowed away, bumpy surfaces do drive the infrequent shimmy through the structure that I don't know wouldnt be felt so much in about alternatives. Bar, for driving in the comportment in which this car is designed to be driven, it is exceptionally correctly polishedand asignificant improvement overthe previous version.


Ferrari California T: interior Resembling the outside, the whole thing approximately the California Ts interior is just that little fragment extra taut. Starting with the steering veer, which now constant incorporates the indicators, as correctly as the manettino switch for the driving modes (Comfort, Sport and Race) and a original button that allows you to alleviate the damping in Sport mode.

Seven years of twelve-monthly servicing is now built-in as part of the price

Theres as well a original infotainment usage that offers both touchscreen and button control. Beyond that, nestling between the air vents is a original device called the Turbo Performance Wheedle a dedicated screen with five display modes that incorporate Turbo Response (percentage of maximum engine performance available at the current revs) and Turbo Efficiency (torque for consumption).

This has been distinctively designed to give it a go and help owners understand how to get on to the a large amount of the car though if youve got time to look at it you probably arent trying hard enough. Its a neat talking point doohickey, nonetheless.

Behind the original, wider border seats, the complete California Ts come complete with two rear alight seats (a luggage shelf was previously a no-cost option, bar only 1% of buyers chose it), which fold down to open up the boot space. This is nominally 340 litres with the roof up, 240 litres with it down. Raising or lowering the roofis taken care of by electric motors in14 seconds.

Noise from the engine is as well cleverly managed it has that fuming, flat-plane eccentric rumble when youre on the attack. Bar its never overwhelming, and if you sneak the California T into a superior gear at a cruise, it subsidesto practically nothing. Proving that Ferrari does know how to be subtle.


Ferrari California T: fuel economy, CO2, running expenses Ferrari has calculated that the original car is 15% extra efficient than the aged car thanks to a blend of downsized, turbocharged engine and the longer gearing this as well allows (sixth in the California T is equivalent to seventh in the California, bar the extra torque by a long shot makes up the difference).

Officially, the fuel economy is rated at 26.9mpg with CO2 emissions of 250gkm, so perceptibly you arent going to lane one of these on a shoestring. That said, seven years of twelve-monthly servicing is now built-in as part of the price.

Ferrari California T: price, equipment andspec The basic list price for the California T is 154,490, which is a slight redouble on top of the outgoing kind. Equipment has been upgraded, however, and nowincludes the carbon-ceramic brakes, which should last the life of the car (though they wont if you indulge in a few track time).

The turbocharged engine in particular is a triumph

Other kit highlights incorporate parking sensors, launch control, cruise control, automatic lights and wipers, sat-nav with Bluetooth and DAB digital telephone system, electric seats, tyre make monitors and a tracking device.


Ferrari California T: verdict

If you were to imagine an everyday Ferrari, one that had to protection a open spread of potential buyer strain, its hard think of lots of areas where the California T doesnt excel. Its gloriously potent, far extra effective at hustle than or and now much better looking. For the target consultation it is practically perfect.

The turbocharged engine in particular is a triumph not least because its so hard to actually tell that its turbocharged. This is great news for after that years 458 understudy, which is unquestionably going down the turbo route, in addition.

This is a thoughtful Ferrari, rather than an outrageous one. It wont I don't know earn the bedroom wall admiration that lots of Ferraris do, bar it is a hugely satisfying credit to the marque just the unchanged.

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