Sunday, 1 June 2014

2014 Ferrari Enzo

2014 Ferrari Enzo

L.A.-based Cecchi Gori Pictures is trying to make its long-gestating Ferrari biopic on track. The company is in Cannes shopping the biopic on automotive mogul Enzo Ferrari, whose family unit redefined the belief of the high-powered Italian sports car and virtually single-handedly created Formula One racing.

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Its a attractive tale of the story of Ferrari battling with Maserati for supremacy in speed, until now its not a racing motion picture: Its a Godfather motion picture with racing in it, said Cecchi Gori Pictures CEO Niels Juul.

Juul said he is in advanced discussion with a well-known U.S. director who has passion for the undertaking and expects to pronounce the name shortly.

The script, which has been around for years, is by Troy Kennedy Martin (The Italian Job) and David Rayfield (impossible of Africa). Kennedy Martin wrote the original script bit David Rayfiel did revises.

Juul said his company has been reconnaissance locations and liability a repolish of the script that just needs a little dusting off.

In developing the undertaking he is working closely with Pam Yates, whose husband, Brock, wrote 1991s Enzo Ferrari: The Work, the Cars, the Races, that is the source for the picture.

Cecchi Gori Pictures is moreover in advanced discussion with financiers, per Juul. Its looking likely we hope against hope be bright to pronounce amazing added within a month or two, he said.

The undertaking was originally scheduled to happen in 2004 with Sydney Pollack directing and Al Pacino in the lead, although it didnt come together and Pollack died in 2008.

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