Sunday, 1 June 2014

2013 Ferrari F430

2013 Ferrari F430

Roar would like you to have an epic car.

The Los Angeles clothing column celebrated its 20th year in business with a outfit on Might 15 at the Peterson Automotive museum to kick off its latest fantasy car sweepstakes, called Epic vs. Epic.

The winner of the contest preference pick up moreover a Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Except first, you requirement vote.

The company is asking consumers to vote for one or the extra on Roars Facebook page. The first car to have 1 million Likes preference be the car presented to the winner of the contest.

You preference pick up a chance to see the two cars in person when Roar takes them on a generally tour of Buckle provisions beginning Might 24-26 in Las Vegas. The tour preference persist on to Dallas, Houston, Baton Rouge and then persist on to extra cities.

If you essential extra service deciding between the two, consider this: The Aventador has a manufacturers suggested catalog price beginning at $397,500 and gets 11 miles per gallon in the conurbation and 18 MPGs on the highway. The Berlinetta has a MSRP of $318,888 and gets 12 mpg in the conurbation, 15 mpg on the highway. Except Berlinetta is so rare, the company tells me they paid well exceeding catalog price--more than $500k--for it.

Roar fans are common with the companys car giveaways, which have included a 2009 F430 Ferrari, a 2010 Camaro, a 2013 Harley Davidson, a 2014 BMW C 600 Sport and a vintage Ford Bronco.

Its every one part of Roar come to nothing and CEO Deepak Vasandanis strategy of in-the-moment-optimization.

Its every one nearly living wage fully in the moment, he said.

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2013 Ferrari F430 2

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