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2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO

LIAM Smith, George Cowie and Blair Thomson, the complete 17, took off with sports cars from outside oil tycoon Sean Dreelans mansion in July.

A GANG of teenage car thieves admitted stealing luxury motors from a millionaires home.

Liam Smith, George Cowie and Blair Thomson, the complete 17, took off with sports cars from outside oil tycoon Sean Dreelans mansion in July.

Two of the teenagers - Cowie and Thomson - broke hooked on the Banchory Devenick property and stole car keys - although being too young to drive at the time.

The trio then flock missing with the motors in the focal point of the night.

Overhaul employment was being carried pass? on the proof of Drumduan House as part of a major refurbishment programme at the time.

The secluded house was once secluded by general refuge with intercom-operated well-built iron double gates at the bottom of the drive and CCTV cameras.

Nonetheless, the driveway was opened stay fresh summer to let heavy machinery in to involve pass? landscaping employment.

Family photographs mutual on social media showed quite a lot of super cars parked on the driveway - including a ruby Ferrari 599 GTO - beforehand the thefts.

The complete the stolen vehicles were recovered and police eventually tracked downward the car crime gang, who the complete lived in Aberdeen.

Yesterday Smith was told by the sheriff to expect a jail term for his part in the thefts when the case called at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Graeme Napier said: You shouldnt hold pass? to a great extent hope for anything added than a custodial verdict.

Smith admitted stealing the Dreelan familys white 2010 Porsche 911 GT2 RS coupe and grey Toyota Land Cruiser from outside Drumduan House, stuck between 22 and 23 July, stay fresh year.

Sean Dreelan

The teenage thief plus admitted stealing two added vehicles in separate incidents in the weeks leading positive to the Dreelan family theft.

He pled guilty to nicking a grey 2006 BMW M sport touring estate from Lintmill Place, Aberdeen, on May 25, 2013.

The teen plus admitted careless motivating by crashing a ruby Triumph motorcycle he stole from the citys Taransay Crescent on June 20.

Cowie previously pleaded guilty to breaking hooked on Mr Dreelans home stuck between July 22 and 23 and stealing car keys beforehand making off with a grey 2010 Audi S5 V8 Quattro coupe.

Thomson was plus part of the gang that broke hooked on Mr Dreelans house to purloin car keys.

He made off from the proof of the mansion with a silver 2011 Aston Martin Rapide V12 as extremely as the matching Toyota Land Cruiser as Smith.

Sheriff Napier called for reports on the complete three teenagers yesterday and deferred sentencing until next month.

Property owner Sean Dreelan made his fortune in the oil and energy industry in Aberdeen.

He and his three brothers - Tommy, Mike and Ciaran - founded a fast-growing oil service firm in 2001.

The oil services set was sold to Norwegian group Aker Solutions earning the brothers a share of almost 100million pounds in 2008.

The Dreelan brothers unremitting in their roles with Qserv as it stretched worldwide, although the vary of ownership.

The sale of Qserv was the second big-money deal involving the Dreelans.

PSL was sold by Tommy, Sean and Mike for 45.5million pounds in 1998.

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