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1963 Ferrari 250 for Sale

1963 Ferrari 250 for Sale

There are literally a handful of cars in the history of the business thats revered additional than the Ferrari 250 GTO . Really, you container probably count in one hand individuals models and were guessing youre even going to have a fast time doing it. Such is the level of respect those have of this true classic. Deliberate how much a 250 GTO fetches in auctions these time. Last November, a disparity of the 250 GTO - the 250 LM - sold for $14.3 million . Save for even that pales in comparison to the incredible $52 million price Connecticut-based antenna Paul Pappalardo paid for a 1963 250 GTO. So yeah, save theres a DeLorean barred there that in point of fact flies, no car these days - classic or modern - self-control even roll up close to sniffing that record purchase.

So dream what it obligation have felt for Petrolicious to pick up its hands on a 250 GTO. In this video, Derek Hill, the son of former Formula One champion and Ferrari factory driver Phil HIll, managed to obtain a 1964 250 GTO. We container only conjecture what it obligation have felt like to be entrusted with a car that probably has a higher value that the GDP of around countries. Save for if anybody understood the value of this car, its Hill. With every single one, his father in point of fact raced this obtain 250 GTO at the Daytona Continental, which the older Hill defunct upbeat winning.

You really cant minimize the rarity of this particular GTO, chassis 5571. Its in point of fact one of the last GTOs ever built and was too the first of the Series II bodies and it came with a 3.0-liter V-12 engine that produces 300 horsepower.

Not that were yearning for it to hit slightly kind of auction in the future, save for container you dream how much it would fetch in a setting like that? Its not just a 250 GTO its a 250 GTO with a real racing history attached to it.

North of $50 million? Wed be fools not to at least deliberate it.

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